Girls Inc. Launch – 6/24/14

This is our second year of involvement incorporating high-altitude ballooning in the Girls Inc. activities.

Here is a short article and video from WOWT covering the launch.

Dr. Dana Richter-Egger teaches chemistry at UNO and is the director of their Math Science Learning Center. We have helped him with ballooning experiences for summer camps over the last few years. This launch took place at the UNO campus in the Pep Bowl which is a nice open green space.

The following photos were taken from the camera pod.

HAB 0001HAB 0002HAB 0003HAB 0005HAB 0004HAB 0006HAB 0007HAB 0008HAB 0009HAB 0010HAB 0011HAB 0012HAB 0013HAB 0014

The balloon made it to around 96,000 ft. After last week’s tree landing, it looks like we just missed having another tree recovery.

HAB 0016

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