Gale Crater 3D Model

NASA has a resource page (Beta) of 3D printing models available. Along with models of spacecraft and asteroids, there are some topographical maps of planetary features.

At MCC’s Fab Lab, I was able to have a model of the Gale Crater on Mars printed.


I wanted it printed in white so I could try to paint it to look more realistic.

I used plain acrylic paints and it worked better than I anticipated.

image1photo2 image2 image4

2 thoughts on “Gale Crater 3D Model

  1. My son is making a Gale crater at Space Center Houston. We need a 3D model like this to make the 10 foot diameter model from. How can we get one? Will you sell a copy?

    1. Craig, I used a free file from NASA to print the Gale Crater model:
      Your best bet would be to find someone locally with a 3D printer to print one off for you. If you cannot find one nearby, there are online services that would print it on demand for a good price and mail it to you. Good luck!

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