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Gale Crater 3D Model

NASA has a resource page (Beta) of 3D printing models available. Along with models of spacecraft and asteroids, there are some topographical maps of planetary features.

At MCC’s Fab Lab, I was able to have a model of the Gale Crater on Mars printed.


I wanted it printed in white so I could try to paint it to look more realistic.

I used plain acrylic paints and it worked better than I anticipated.

image1photo2 image2 image4

Do Space Launch – 11/7/15

We are preparing for a HAB launch from the PKI building at UNO at 11 am on Saturday. We will be testing some new equipment and will be transmitting the information from the balloon to Do Space for their Grand Opening via the internet.

If you want to follow along, our mission page will be at so anyone with an internet enabled device can track the balloon. The twitter hashtag which will show up on the mission page is ‪#‎stratostar0040‬. During the mission, our students and chase team can keep everyone watching updated on the progress and, after the mission, we will post images or updates on the projects. Feel free to share the link and hashtag with anyone you think would be interested.